Bioresonance is a trend in modern medicine that is based on the scientific fact that every living organism and tissue exists in a specific frequency spectrum (called a resonance or rate of vibration). This makes Bioresonance scanning a vitally effective tool to assist in the process of gathering information about a persons health and functional status when planning a personalised treatment approach. The more information we have about your body the better informed decisions we can make. This tool gives us a wealth of information and when interpreted correctly along with other key aspects of the clinical picture, the information obtained from this scan can prove priceless.

– What will you find out and how long it takes

Full Body Bioresonance scan – checking of all the main organs and tissues, food sensitivities, toxin accumulation and the whole microbiome (bacteria/virus/parasites/fungi) including naturopathic consultation and individualised treatment plan..
The first part takes about 30 minutes and is like a blood test but a little better because it shows the normal range and your result:
-havy metals
-good bacteria
-view of the entire organ stage
-and much more…
The second part will take about 45 minutes and will show all organs, blood, hormones, nervous system, whether there are any bacteria, viruses or parasites.

The third part will take about 90 minutes, and then
I check the results and and I also send a frequency from the machine, and adapts appropriate to everyone which is based only on natural medicine with different possibilities and methods, depending on the person.

It is a diagnostic method of information and energy medicine, which enables a comprehensive diagnosis of the state of the body’s functioning. It is a non-invasive, painless and safe test.
We carry out a comprehensive analysis and detect any dysfunctions and conditions that threaten the development of ailments: chronic inflammation, allergies, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, skin problems and many other diseases. I diagnose parasites, their types and location, as well as fungi, bacteria, viruses and the risk of developing Lyme disease, Giardia, Ascarid, tapeworm, candidiasis, chlamydia, pinworms, etc. After obtaining the results, I proceed to establish a treatment plan and apply therapeutic procedures.
Approximately full treatment and analysis time is about 2 -3 hours

Full scan and a detailed description of the result, plus I will suggest you only natural medicine treatment – £150

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-What is a bioresonance scan and how does it works

To add to what we said in our brief introduction, every living cell or organism possesses an electromagnetic field, a healthy cell has a specific frequency and voltage in the same way that an unhealthy cell will have its own electromagnetic frequency that is different to that of the healthy cell. A healing cell will possess a different electromagnetic frequency to a cell that is healthy, or to a cell that is failing to heal properly. To add to this a, liver cell will emit at a different frequency to a brain cell, a bone cell, different to a stomach cell etc. Based on this scientific knowledge of electromagnetic frequencies a bioresonance machine is able to scan the human body and tell you about the health and healing states of the tissues in various organs. The accumulation of all of these many trillions of electromagnetic fields creates your own complete body field. Known as the Electromagnetic field of the human body in Quantum Physics or more commonly known as your ‘Aura’ when applied in terms of Meta Physics.

In addition to Human Cells all living organisms and organic compounds have an electromagnetic field too. Without getting caught up too much in the science, anything that contains one or more electrons has an electromagnetic field. It is for this reason that a bioresonance scanner can also detect microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, viruses, and parasites in addition to possible toxins found within the body. Once armed with this information along with your symptoms, any appropriate lab testing, and complete medical history we can use the information to great value to generate the most comprehensive and personalised treatment program possible. This way we can best achieve our aim of restoring your body to full health and prime function that is free from ‘dys-ease, and consequently disease.

Where the Bioresonance scanner really comes in to its own is in detecting information from the human body that can’t be detected by lab tests. Whether it be due to complex interactions meaning its very difficult to test for that particular thing within those specific tissues or organ. Or that the problem is at a subclinical level. Meaning that in order for the test to come back positive the particular thing being tested for has to exist to a certain level for it to be considered clinically relevant. Its like looking at someone’s fasting blood glucose levels and saying that because their blood sugar levels are only 125mg/dl that they are only pre-diabetic as opposed to if their levels were 126mg/dl they would be classified as diabetic. Yes in this example both people would be monitored but the care would be different and whilst we recognise there needs to be a cut off somewhere it is also reliant on the healthcare practitioner to choose the best course of treatment to help treat that individual. This brings me to my point that its all about formulating a treatment plan based on all the information present and your not basing it on one thing in isolation. Which is the better outcome for you as a client/patient? Going through lots of different tests to not find anything because the tests aren’t sensitive enough to show what’s wrong with you. Because of these results you get told that we can’t find anything wrong and there’s nothing more we can do. Or do you run a test such as this that will give you a lot of information and if it finds something in the right place known to cause your symptoms and based on other trends in your labs that are all subclinical it helps you to be treated appropriately and return you to health?

Below we go in too much more detail about the pro and cons of the scanner and if you want to understand more about the machine and how it might be of help in your case please carry on reading.



If you speak to any medical doctor and explain the machine to them the chances are they will either laugh or tell you that it’s nonsense. So why are we recommending it as being so valuable when we recognise all the medical disbelief in the device and our treatments are based on medicine too? There are different reasons for this. 

Firstly the considered ‘conventional’ view point of “medicine” is based in the science of biochemistry (the dual science of biology and chemistry together) and does not really consider the physics of it. If you think the pharmaceutical drugs that are prescribed are chemical agents designed to specifically influence our bodies biology. The truth is an X-ray, MRI, CT scanner all rely on frequency (physics) to feedback the information they give out (but I will digress no further). Unfortunately in the real world, science, is science; and it cannot be broken down in to its separate parts (biology, chemistry, physics, physiology, and the many arms within these subjects). Meaning you can’t affect biology without affecting chemistry, and you can’t affect chemistry without affecting physics. I’m going to demonstrate this below.


I don’t want you to get hung up on details here or even worry about remembering this stuff its, a just a representation (if your interested) to show that you can’t separate on science from another.

An example of this is something that is measured in Chemistry at the very basic level of understanding. This is pH and the acid-alkaline balance. So let’s all go back to high school for a minute. Here we are simply taught that a neutral pH is 7.0, anything 6.9 pH and below is considered and acid and anything 7.1 pH or above is considered an Alkaline. Basic right? Well it is. What few people understand though is what this actually means for real; pH is the ‘potential for Hydrogen (H2)’. Potential as we may know it, is more of a physics term in the sense of the charge of an electromagnetic field (here we are with these words again). Therefore something that is acidic has a positively charged electromagnetic field (meaning it has more protons than it does have electrons) and something that is alkaline is the reverse of this (has more electrons than it does protons), making it a negatively charged electromagnetic field. The more strongly the imbalance of protons and electrons the greater the charge and the further away from a neutral pH the acid or alkaline a substance becomes. Well there you have it a clear demonstration of something we all know to be true that is considered chemistry, but seems to have an incredibly strong base in physics. Thus you can’t influence pH without influencing charge of the electromagnetic field and you can’t influence the electromagnetic field without influencing the pH. This brings me to the point that if you are measuring physics you are indirectly measuring biochemistry and vice versa. Therefore; is it fair to discredit something that measures in terms of physics because it does not align with the thinking and knowledge base of biochemistry? Afterall we have just proven that they are all intrinsically linked and inseparable in terms of effect on each other.

Secondly scientists of a linear thought process like to deal with definitives and certainties. Meaning that by acting on ‘X’ this is going to have an exact effect on ‘Y’. Think a blood test showing high cholesterol, this is your ‘X’ and if we think in linear terms we know that statins can lower Cholesterol and this would be the ‘Y’. But as we have seen in the above example that nothing in science is ‘Linear’ meaning that we can’t just affect ‘Y’ if we found ‘X’ and it is going to have much further reaching affects than this alone. When it comes to the human body this means that it is going to have an affect on the estimated 37 – 50 trillion cells comprising the human body and the hundreds of trillions of microorganisms that live in harmony within or on our body (sounds gross but its true and this is normal). Unfortunately the information provided by this bioresonance machine is in terms of non linear and doesn’t give us a direct ‘X’ to ‘Y’ comparison and plan. This creates a problem because from the results there is no direct course of treatment to take. The scanner is more focussing on the interrelationship of everything that is going on within the human body and how one system effects another. The problem with this is that the machine cannot give us a clear diagnosis and instead gives us lots of information that has to be carefully interpreted by some one who knows their stuff. Whats great about this is that it places us in a position where we are better able to find root causes of peoples problems and bring their body back into a state of balance taking their whole body and microorganisms in to account.

Thirdly a bioresonance machine can find things that can’t be shown in lab testing. For example the machine is saying that you have an overgrowth of a bacterial strain in your intestines but it doesn’t show on a stool sample. Therefore the machine must be wrong because it has not been quantified by a lab test and this invalidates this machine right? Well this is where a lot of the dismissive nature and its inability to classify it as a medical device comes in.

Let’s look at a working example in simple detail. If a bacteria is located in large quantities in the upper part of the digestive tract then what do you think the chances of it surviving the pancreatic digestive enzymes, 70% of your immune cells (that’s the ~ percentage residing in your digestive tract), the 1014 (yes thats 100,000,000,000,000) microbes and digestive enzymes that they secrete in the large intestine over a period of around 24 hrs until this food is passed as stools? Then to add to that, what are the chances of it being left in great enough quantities with sufficient energy to out grow other strains (it is a race of life in the microbial world) to be able to be cultured in a lab and grown in sufficient quantities to get a positive test on a stool sample? There are countless examples of other things for bacterial culture alone such as when the bacteria is living in Biofilm or L-form that would render it uncultivable or undetectable on lab tests. Therefore can we officially conclude that the machine is invalid because it doesn’t correlate with lab tests based on the many examples we could offer similar to this? Or is the machine just more sensitive than lab testing under certain circumstances and when the results are interpreted correctly by the right people it can provide some very sensitive information that can’t be obtained in other ways.

This brings us on to the topic of sensitivity versus specificity. The more sensitive a test is the more likely we are of finding something if it is there. The more specific something is, the more focussed the test is to finding a particular thing and may miss others (less sensitive). One thing that is certainly true is that if something is found on a lab test (high specificity) you can know with 100% certainty that bacterial strain, virus, toxin or whatever is found exists, and is likely causing part or all of the symptoms. This way you have an ‘X’ to ‘Y’ nice linear thought process.


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